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 Hello and Welcome!

I'm Hélène, maker and creator of all the wondrous goodies here at Little Wolf & Co. Handmade.

I was born in the UK but raised in beautiful, sunny Brisbane and consider myself a 'Brissie-Girl' through and through. I'm fortunate to still call Brisbane home and share my life with my (very patient) fiancé, our infant son, two cats and two guinea pigs. 

I've always been a creative soul, and while I can't draw or paint to save my life, I spent many childhood days sewing and crafting with both my incredible Mama and dearly loved Grandma. I have also been known to spend a weekend or two helping out Dad in his shed! This young love for craft lead to a lifetime of trying out different forms of not-so-traditional art, and in 2015, I attended my first class on polymer clay jewellery. From here, my passion for creating with polymer clay grew and now, finally, my dream of Little Wolf and Co. Handmade has come to life. 

Each of the pieces you'll find here at LWC are unique and individual, lovingly handmade in my small, in-home studio in Brisbane. I don't have any set process for my designs - I simply sit, let my mind wander and create - but they are inspired by the world around me and the beauty I see in the everyday. No two pieces are ever the same and I love to play around with colour, shape and texture.  

So please, take some time, relax and enjoy the designs I have to share. Hopefully you'll find an item - or two - that tickles your fancy and will make your heart sing. 

Big Love,
Hélène xxx

PS Little Wolf and Co. Handmade is named in honour of my amazing, awe-inspiring nephew, Wolfgang x